AS203801 is operated by Jason Miller, it is a non-profit research network.

You are free to contact me [email: me at jason dot lv] to discuss technical details.

At this time I would prefer to peer over tunnels where it would make sense, for example; best geographic/logical path or same metro area.



General Policy

If you would like to peer, you must follow these simple rules:

  • Maintain accurate contact information in your whois
  • Have publicly routable ASN and IPv6 address space
  • Maintain IRR records (filters updated hourly)
  • Don't point default route to us
  • Only announce prefixes you have explicit authorization for
End-User Policy

As an end-user of this network, you agree to the following:

  • Will only send traffic to addresses you have requested proxy services for
  • Will only send an addresses' application's specific traffic[1]
  • Will not instrument/probe/test against the network[2]
  • Will not violate any target services' ToS (external IP banned = you blackholed)

Violation of the end-user agreement will result in immediate[3] blackholing of your endpoint.

1 - ie. do not send SSH traffic to an HTTP service
2 - please contact me for telemetry/metrics/info, maybe I can help find/provide what you are looking for?
3 - when I wake up or whatever


PeeringDB // // cidr-report // irrexplorer // RIPE stat