AS203801 is operated by Jason Miller, it is a non-profit research network.

You are free to contact me [email: me at jason dot lv] to discuss technical details.

At this time I would prefer to peer over tunnels where it would make sense, for example; best geographic/logical path or same metro area.

Port Speed Location
1000 Mbps Parsippany, NJ, USA
1000 Mbps Dallas, TX, USA
1000 Mbps Chicago, IL, USA
Coming soon.. London, GB
Coming soon.. Amsterdam, NL
Coming soon.. Ashburn, VA, USA
Coming soon.. Frankfurt, DE
Looking for.. Denver, CO, USA (contact me)


General Policy

If you would like to peer, you must follow these simple rules:

  • Maintain accurate contact information in your whois
  • Have publicly routable ASN and IPv6 address space
  • Maintain IRR records (filters updated hourly)
  • Don't point default route to us
  • Only announce prefixes you have explicit authorization for
End-User Policy

As an end-user of this network, you agree to the following:

  • Will only send traffic to addresses you have requested proxy services for
  • Will only send an addresses' application's specific traffic[1]
  • Will not instrument/probe/test against the network[2]
  • Will not violate any target services' ToS (external IP banned = you blackholed)

Violation of the end-user agreement will result in immediate[3] blackholing of your endpoint.

1 - ie. do not send SSH traffic to an HTTP service
2 - please contact me for telemetry/metrics/info, maybe I can help find/provide what you are looking for?
3 - when I wake up or whatever


PeeringDB // // cidr-report // irrexplorer // RIPE stat